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Frequently Asked Questions SOC

Did you just receive a message with one of the following reports?

  • That your alarm system is not powered anymore;
  • That a battery needs to be replaced or;
  • That there is a communication issue between your alarm system and the Securitas operations center (SOC)?

Not to worry. Below are several steps you can take to get your alarm system operational again.

Is the alarm system not powered anymore?

  1. Check whether there is a general power failure in your street. Check the Fluvius website whether this failure is already known and, if necessary, notify the Fluvius maintenance service on + 32 78 35 35 00.
  1. Check your fuse box: a fuse may have blown. Reset the blown fuse to ON mode. Is there an obvious problem with the fuses but you can't get it fixed yourself? If so, contact your electrician.
  1. If there is no general power failure, your fuses seem to be fully in order and you do not notice any other power problems? Then contact your alarm system installer.

Did you receive a battery failure message on the alarm system or any of the components?

  1. Check the manual of the alarm system. This will tell you what type of batteries you need to replace as well as how to replace them.
  2. Do you not have this type of batteries in your possession or would you prefer assistance in replacing them? Then contact the installer of your alarm system.

Did you receive the message

  • that there is a communication problem between your alarm system and the Securitas operations center (SOC)?
  • or that the pre-programmed periodic test signals are no longer being transmitted to our Securitas operations center (SOC)?
  1. Perhaps this concerns a short-term communication interruption. You can test this yourself by triggering an alarm and contacting the Securitas operations center (SOC) to check whether the alarm was properly received and communication has been restored in the meantime.
  1. Do you notice problems with the landline, television or internet as well? Perhaps there is currently a general problem with your provider. General problems with providers can be found on this website.
  1. If no provider problems are reported, you can reboot the modem (unplug the power supply, wait 30 seconds and plug it in again). Then wait about 10 minutes and try to trigger an alarm again and contact the Securitas operations center (SOC) to check whether the alarm was received.
  1. Is there an error message on the keypad? Then consult the alarm system manual for system-specific steps you can take.
  2. Is the problem not solved by these steps? Then contact your alarm system installer and ask for urgent technical intervention.